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All your donations go directly to the Syrian people


By providing health & education services, we can keep Syrians from becoming refugees. 

Aid All Syrians is a Nonprofit 501 (c)(3) Charity Organization

and your donations are tax deductible.

 (Tax-ID 45-3070190)

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As a result of the last military campaign on Idlib, our headquarter in KUFER ROMA was occupied by the Russians, the Iranian militias and the regime.

So, we moved our operations to the Turkish border and we established :

Education Services

THE FREEDOM High & Middle School for 700 Female students in Idlib.

Education Services

Moreen elementary school in Idlib for 300 Male & Female students.


We have 300 VERY needy families which we provide them with MONTHLY financial payments.

Our goal is to add another 100 families for the coming summer & winter seasons.

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Also, we are working now on establishing new Medical centers next to the border to serve the displaced families there.





Walid Hafez 


Hana Hafez 

Vice President

Amin Kakeh


Nabil Hafez 

Founding Member

Hannah Hafez 

Board Member


Aid All Syrians is a Nonprofit 501 (c)(3) Charity Organization established in 2011.

 (Tax-ID 45-3070190)

By providing basic services such as clinics and education, we can keep Syrians from becoming refugees.


We believe that the Syrian people are entitled to the basics of life and a bright future. The children of Syria have sacrificed their childhood during this crisis. Our goal is to provide Syrians with clinics for medical care, primary schools for education and, in the future, orphanages for displaced/orphaned Syrian children.


All the money you donate goes directly to the Syrian people. All overhead costs (flights, room & board, etc.) are covered out of pocket by the board members.



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New: P.O. Box 523079
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Old: P.O. Box 60682
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Tel: (703) 468-0828


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